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Swimming Pool Maintenance, Filtration Installation & Cleaning at Pool Maintenance ltd

Swimming Pool Maintenance, Water Treatment & Filtration Contractors at

Swimming Pool Maintenance, Filtration & Water Management

Swimming Pool Maintenance, Filtration Installation & Cleaning at Pool Maintenance ltd

Pool Maintenance Ltd are grateful to our web promotion partners Wet Design for kindly placing this information page on their website. Pool Maintenance Ltd are specialists in swimming pool maintenance, filtration, balance tank cleaning and water treatment systems. Whatever type of swimming pool, spa or therapy pool you have we can keep it in tip top condition, with over 35 years of experience in pool management systems. We manufacture, install, commission and maintain water treatment systems for public, private, hotel spa, hospital, and equine therapy pools.

Our staff are first aid, CSCS and CSTS qualified, and offer a reliable, professional and friendly service as our many regular clients have discovered. We are expert cleaners and sanitizers of tanks and filters, and have an in depth knowledge of the categories of harmful bacteria and how to deal with them. We can eliminate Bio film build up on metal surfaces like heat exchangers. Build up of this kind may eventually lead to corrosion and loss of performance from water heaters.

Specialist Pool Maintenance Contractors

At Pool Maintenance Ltd we will look at each particular requirement and design a tailored solution based on your individual needs. Factors taken into consideration include size and shape of tank, location, contents and any environmental effects which could result from the work undertaken. Our customer focused service includes the ability of our highly trained team to work within confined spaces. This specialised area includes work with swimming pool balance tanks, vats, sewers, open topped chambers, wells, silo's, ductwork, trunk mains, reaction vessels filter vessels and fluid storage tanks. These locations can harbour unsafe pathogen’s, bacteria, pseudomonas and protozoa.

Strict procedures are in place when entering areas like tanks to carry out work, and Pool Maintenance Ltd fulfil all stated requirements including use of the latest safety equipment and breathing apparatus. We also strive to work at your convenience in order to minimise any disruption to the smooth running of your business.

Swimming Pool Balance Tank Cleaning & Servicing

Swimming Pool Maintenance, Filtration Installation & Cleaning at Pool Maintenance ltd

If your swimming pool has issues like poor chemical control, high maintenance costs, high energy consumption, pump burn out or poor water quality, Pool Maintenance Ltd can help. We have a wide and diverse customer base with 150 swimming and leisure pools including local authority swimming pools, small leisure facilities, diving pools and international competition swimming pools. We go one step further with our standards of hygiene and safety, leading to a loyal body of returning customers.

Our installed water treatment systems consist of features like chemical tanks, dosing lines and constant speed dosing pumps. Our dosing control systems are designed to tackle chemical hazard issues like alkali, acid and CO2. Successful past contracts have included adjustment of swimming pool water depth, requiring pool system redesign, installation of UV and automatic chemical control and a vast amount of other projects for various types of pool covering pre war to modern designs.

Preventative Swimming Pool Maintenance Contracts

As part of our comprehensive swimming pool maintenance service we offer a preventative maintenance contract. This is the best way to prevent the cost and inconvenience of facility breakdown, leading to loss of revenue, health and safety issues and damaged customer relations. System malfunctions caused by bacteria build up or other factors can easily be avoided with a regime of regular checks. These checks involve filter media, pipework, dosing kit and controller, valves and circulation system and are carried out on a yearly fixed rate basis. We can replace filter media which should be done on a 4-6 year basis, as recommended by the PWTAG.

Pool Maintenance Ltd can advise on swimming pool designs which prove advantageous for the smooth running of your swimming pool, and are extremely happy to help. The swimming pool design tips section can be viewed on our website or if you have any questions please call us on 01457 765533 or email at

Swimming Pool Maintenance, Filtration & Water Management, Systems. Specialist Pool Maintenance Contractors & Confined Space Work. Swimming Pool Balance Tank Cleaning & Servicing. Public & Private Swimming Pools, Schools, Hospital Therapy, Equine Therapy & Hotel Spas. Preventative Swimming Pool Maintenance Contracts, Inspection of Filter Media, Pipework, Dosing Kit & Circulation System. Cheshire, Merseyside, Manchester, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Birmingham & London.

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