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Flume Park

Paignton Flume Park
At the time of the design, this was the largest flume park in Europe. It consists of five different flume rides, each with its own landing pool.

Water from the pools is gravitated into a large underground storage tank. From here it is drawn by the filter pumps and passed through two 8ft diameter x 30 ft long horizontal pressure sand filters.

A large gas fired heater reheats the water followed by the chlorination process.

Using a flow meter to deliver the water at a controlled volume, supply pumps
send the water to the top of each flume ride. This in turn ensures the correct water flow down each ride to avoid any dry areas on the ride, carrying the pool user safely down to the landing pool. The hydraulics were specifically calculated to achieve the specified flow rate for each slide.

The bottom of the Devils Drop ride has a horizontal extension at the termination point, with a long trough in which the water depth gradually increased. This ensured a long, slow braking effect, bringing the user of this high velocity slide to a safe halt.

Therapy Pools | Swimming Pools | Flume Park | Equine Therapy Park

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