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Equine Therapy Pool Design – Special Features

Large Pool Capacity
Equine therapy pools are typically large capacity pools. With a length of around 100m, water volume is around 1,000 cubic metres. For an equine therapy pool of this size Wet Design would specify that the total water volume circulates every 4 hours.

Equine Therapy Pool – Design Features
We will give some of the important design features for an Equine Therapy Pool.

For this size of pool we would use three air scoured pressure sand filters, each 3m diameter, provide a low filter rating of 13 cubic metres/metres sq/hour.

Water Filtration & Pool Maintenance
Water would be extracted from the pool via thirty skimmer units, connected into a 200mm ring main and then via motorised twin strainer boxes to four 33% duty self priming pumps.

Following filtration, the water would be treated by UV, with chlorine and acid applied down stream under the control of automatic monitoring. This ensures the selected levels of free chlorine and ph are maintained in this very large installation.

The filtered, treated water would then be delivered back to the pool, serving an inlet channel on the pool floor. The water would then be discharged into the pool itself via twenty five inlet fittings, each with flow adjustment.

Dead Spots Designed Out
This proven system, designed by Wet Design and specified by us in many level deck swimming pools, guarantees an even distribution of incoming water throughout the entire pool floor area. This eliminates any dead spots that would otherwise occur with an alternative design. This, linked to an equally efficient water extract system, with filters having a low rating, will ensure high quality water at all times, irrespective of heavy bathing loads.

Equine Therapy Pool - Water Recycling
When it is necessary to backwash the filters, our motorised valves are designed to close off the skimmer suction and open an extract from the pool floor. This backwash water, on leaving the filters, will be automatically de-chlorinated and delivered to a large underwater storage tank. As and when required, water is pumped from this tank to the stables area, where it is used for watering the large areas of grassland.

Backwash Operation
The drop in pool water level resulting from filter back washing is monitored by electrodes which instruct a solenoid valve on the town’s water make up supply to open, permitting water to enter the facility. When the pre-set high water level within the pool is achieved - approximately halfway up the skimmer throat - the water make up valve closes, terminating the water supply.

Maintenance - UV and Chemical Dosing
During this backwash operation, both UV and chemical dosing are automatically inhibited by a flow switch on the delivery line from the filters back to the pool. This switch will only allow UV and chemical application whilst the plant is on the filtration cycle.

Equine Pool Debris Discharge
When the pool is in use by the horses, small particulate matter is removed from the floor of the pool by pool vacuum passed through the filter. The debris will be retained on top of the filter sand bed, with the water being returned to the pool. This debris is discharged to drain during the filter backwash operation.

Large debris is brushed into stainless steel baskets with integral lifting point, fitted into sumps in the pool.

Equine Therapy Pool Contracts
We are currently designing equine therapy pools of various sizes, to this specification, for clients across the globe. If you have a requirement for an Equine Therapy Pool, please contact us.

Equine Therapy & Rehabilitation Pool Design Consultants

Therapy Pools | Swimming Pools | Flume Park | Equine Therapy Park

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