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There is no mystery about why immersing the body into warm water helps with numerous conditions and ailments. Since the beginning of time, Hydrotherapy has been used to relieve symptoms like aching joints and muscles, stress and anxiety, colds and chest problems, poor circulation and sleep disorders. Ancient civilisations including the Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans are all known to have been staunch proponents of the practice, and water therapy in a variety of forms has always been utilised for health and well-being. Many methods used in those early times have come down through the ages, as have adding aromatic oils and flower essences to give pleasurable sensations and aid healing.

As experts in the design, engineering, installation and maintenance of swimming and therapy pools, we believe wholeheartedly in the many benefits of hydrotherapy. We also have first hand experience of how this process can reduce pain and improve lives.

Hydrotherapy for Physical & Mental Well–Being, Warm & Cold Aqua Therapy

Hydrotherapy for Physical & Mental Well–Being, Warm & Cold Aqua Therapy - credit Stefg74

Hydrotherapy is the use of water to promote a feeling of physical and mental well-being, and its healing properties have been part of a wide selection of therapeutic treatments. Pain and discomfort can produce low spirits, especially when it is seldom relieved successfully. Water therapy can involve either warm or cold water, depending on the issue, and even alternating between the two can give significant results in certain cases. Warm water therapy creates a calm, soothing reaction, to ease a number of symptoms and cold water therapy can stimulate, invigorate and reduce burning or swelling. There are even cold plunge pools or artificial ice and snow rooms which will boost the body's circulation.

There are specific spa holidays nowadays where people can go to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, and take advantage of all of the marvellous effects provided by water therapy. These centres consist of a range of experiences including hydrotherapy pools, thermal baths, steam rooms, water circuits, saunas and 'experience showers'.

Relief from Stiff & Painful Joints & Muscles & Easing of Colds & Illnesses

When suspended in water you will experience a weightlessness, which in itself can lift the mood, along with the soothing feeling of water on the skin. This buoyancy is reported to ease muscle tension, taking the stress off joints, and stimulate the endorphins reducing pain and soreness. This is the reason so many people love to relax in a warm bath after a busy day, or just before bedtime, as drifting off to sleep is then seldom a problem. Immersion in warm or hot water will raise the body temperature, which increases blood flow. This is especially useful where there are circulatory problems, also boosting injured tissue healing times, and rehabilitating damaged joints or muscles.

Colds and illnesses can be dealt with more effectively by the body, once the circulation is performing well. This is partly due to the ability of white blood cells and lymph to travel more freely through the body, strengthening the immune system.

Healthy Detox & Rehabilitation with Water Therapy, Water Exercising & Sports

Detoxification is high on the agenda these days for good reason! The steam and heat from a hot bath will encourage a healthy detox, flushing toxins out through the pores and purifying the body. Even metabolic rates and digestion can benefit, along with internal organs as the blood supply is stimulated. Hydrotherapy techniques using exercises while in water like aromatherapy, steam therapy, and chromatherapy are testament to the fact that hydrotherapy is still accepted as a medium for rehabilitation in its own right.

Other forms of physical therapy are equally effective, such as the services offered by Sports and Spinal Physio Ltd based in Brentwood, Essex. They specialise in treating sports injuries and spinal problems, and if you are interested take a look at the reviews page on their website. As you will see, they have an extremely impressive amount of happy customers!

Swimming Pool & Therapy Pool Engineering, Design, Installation & Maintenance. Hydrotherapy for Physical & Mental Well – Being, Warm & Cold Aqua Therapy. Relief of Stiff & painful Joints & Muscles Easing of Colds & Illnesses. Healthy Detox & Rehabilitation with Water Therapy, Water Exercising & Sports

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